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miss A's HUSH album listening party! (with extra concept pictures)

the playlist follows the correct tracklist:
01. 놀러와 (Come On Over)
02. Hush
03. Love is U
04. Spotlight
05. Hide & Sick
06. (Mama) I'm Good
07. Like U
08. Hush (Party Ver.)
09. Touch
10. Over U
11. Time's Up
12. If I Were A Boy
13. I Don't Need a Man
» BubbleFeetCream Channel-A@youtube

» all pictures thanks to n3ssachan@tumblr » thanks to fei-fangirl@tumblr for the missing fei picture

my annoyance towards aqe for re-releasing old songs aside, this is such a freaking solid album, it is really good imo, i love it so much, and the girls vocals really improved. maybe i am going crazy, but the vibe of this album reminds me a bit of old school kpop and a bit of brown eyes girls. right now i don't have favorite song, as i am in love with it all, but what's yours omona?
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