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More "Thirst" from San Diego Comic Con

Old news is still news! I was one of the lucky people to attend the "Thirst" panel at Comic Con a week ago.



lol at the translator taking pics of the crowd.



Some notes from the interview (yes, I actually took notes):

- Originality - how could he make an original vampire movie so a movie studio would buy into it? He didn't use clichevampire lore, so his vampires don't have fangs, they do have reflections, crosses don't matter, etc.

- Director Park has sympathy for vampires because of their restrictions (diet, no sunlight)

- The panel with "Twilight" was earlier that day, so is this movie the anti-Twilight? Park said he wouldn't call it anti-Twilight or else his daughter was be mad (lol). He also had a story about how he made "I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK" for his daughter who only thought it was "OK".

- Identity - the priest must choose between priest and vampire, but he tries to hold onto both identities. Park also questions whether the priest should feel guilt for drinking blood because he was formally a noble person. Also he made an interesting connection between the wine at Catholic mass and drinking blood as a vampire. (I won't go into details, but feel free to ask in you're curious).

source: me

I hauled my booty to get up to the front row. The room was huge (holds like 6000+ people?) and I wasn't about to sit in the back. :P
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