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Moon Chae-won begins filming My Fair Lady

Since we’ve gotten our first look at the main players of KBS’s My Fair Lady [아가씨를 부탁해, or 아부해], now we get to see how Moon Chae-won is taking on her character.

Moon’s role as aspiring shoe designer “Eui-joo” is described as “cute and bubbly,” and she plays a young woman who has grown up her whole life as a little sister figure to Yoon Sang-hyun’s “Dong-chan” character. Moon explained that thanks to Yoon Sang-hyun’s joking attitude, they share a pleasant and comfortable vibe, which no doubt will help their onscreen chemistry as longtime buddies.

Moon Chae-won is jumping into filming for My Fair Lady with hardly a break from her last project, the incredibly popular weekend drama Brilliant Legacy, which just wrapped on SBS. She said of her role, “This is different from the past character in that she doesn’t have a dark side. I’m feeling physically tired because I’m entering this project without resting, but I’m using the endorphins from her cheerful character and enjoying filming. There are things I’m nervous about, but I’m working well with the other actors and the filming atmosphere is so great that I’m gaining energy from that.”

My Fair Lady premieres August 19 on KBS.

Source: edaily
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