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2NE1's me2day updates!

#02.08.2009 CL: With appa(father) ^▽^

#01.08.2009 Dara: The book I’m reading recently..ㅋBecause I want to know myselfㅋBut in our team there is 2 blood type A? But the 2 are totally different! Totally different to say itㅋㅋHummmm.. Amazing! Even so, seeing that we went along well togetherㅋI think we will have some similarities!What are they? Please find them!ㅋ Will we have similarities.. Miss Terry first gen…Kekeke

#01.08.2009 Dara: The view really good right?? Did you have a good day? We will be going for practice again soon~^^ Recently when we see our broadcast programmes, we feel that our placards are even more eyecatching on first look!^^;; Aigoo, it is very exciting and we felt more enjoyable coming to play (on stage)! Very happy with our developed features bit by bit!^.^

#31.07.2009 Dara: Eu-eum~ Sandara or Dara who is the happy girl enjoying the flower scent..^^ Today our members all look happy too! You known that we are very thankful?!YooHoo~!Love you~!!!!Oh oh oh!

#31.07.2009 CL: Kush oppa’s friend who wears a hood!

source : sookyeong
Tags: 2ne1

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