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[Contains Eugene's own interview about the case] Fans Seek to Save Violinist From Abuse

Fans of electric violinist Eugene Park are waging a campaign to better protect him after reports of abuse, extortion and illegal confinement by his previous agency in Korea emerged last week.

The drive is gaining momentum as video clips and writings on the Internet have showed Park expressionless and much thinner than before.

According to Internet posters, Park has been practically enslaved by his former agency for the last five years and forced to perform at small events it hosted unrelated to classical music. A photo showed a blank-faced Park posing with local residents drinking liquor.

It has been alleged that Park was kidnapped and illegal confined by his former agency. The company also kept all of his fees.

Park is a U.S.-born electric violinist who entered Julliard Pre-College at the age of 8. He entered into the spotlight in the late 1990s in Korea and released three albums from 1997 to 2006.

"Once called a prodigy, his eyes have lost their shine," a netizen nicknamed Chung said. "I can't believe that his talent was abused like that."

The once-promising musician had several interviews to explain his circumstances. He said he had been to the U.S. for several weeks and arrived in Korea Thursday and did not see the video online.

"I did stay in the inn with my managers for more than a year and mostly ate Chinese food like jajangmyeon," he said in an interview with KBS entertainment news program Saturday. He made the comment in response to the rumor that he was confined in an inn in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province.

"I don't care about those matters. I think of my former agents as my friends and I don't want to say bad things about them,"
he added. "They did hit me and I wish that won't happen any more."

He showed a strong will to continue with his music. "Sometimes I didn't get paid for my music and performance, but still the most important thing for me is music and good performance," he said. "When I plug in the electric violin, it makes me happy. The best thing would be doing a good performances and being paid properly."

Lee Sang-jo, head of Park's current agency Dreamline Entertainment, accompanied Park to the interview and said he is now safe and well.

However, some pointed out that his current agency also exhausted Park by making him perform at small events and that he needs better protection.


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