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Screen Magazine's (August Issue) interview with SHINee: Meet the Idol

Random recent pic of SHINee

1. What do you think it means to be an idol during this generation?

Onew: There are many new things to learn and experience continuously.
Taemin: To be an idol in this generation, to be able to receive so much attention, I'm really thankful to everyone. I believe I should let everyone see the even more hard-working side of me.
Jonghyun: We received a lot of love and that we should continue to *idk*
Key: As we are able to show everyone our own personalities and unique SHINee, I am thankful to everyone.
Minho: Full of happiness. As an artist, I am able to learn a lot of new things.

2. Who is your own idol?
Onew: BoA-sunbae. Sunbae's voice and performance are the best. Everytime I see her strong stage prescence, it makes me want to practice even more.
Taemin: Right now I don't have any model (role-model?), I just want to become a skilled and strong performer in the eyes of everyone.
Jonghyun: HOT-sunbaes! I know a lot about and really like all of their songs and albums.
Key: I have a lot, and was influenced by many. I was especially influenced by HOT, SES, BoA, and DBSK-sunbaenims.
Minho: DBSK, Super Junior-sunbaenims. I want to become a performer as strong as my sunbaes. If i could give perfect performances and work together with my sunbaes, then it would be complete happiness.

3. Of the members, what qualities of their's/your's makes you feel proud/better?
Onew: I am older than Taemin!
Taemin: My age.
Jonghyun: Onew, because I am younger than him.
Key: I'm honest/straightforward.
Minho: Key is our group's parent.

4. If you come to here, then I would be happy; where is that place?

Onew: SHINee's stages. Will you come with us?
Taemin: On TV ^^
Jonghyun: Come to the movie theater.
Key: SHINee's world. Welcome to Key's world.
Minho: Welcome to the front of SHINee's stages.

5. Which movie character do you want to become?

Onew: August from August Rush
Taemin: Harry Potter! That way I can use magic ^^
Jonghyun: Gyun-woo from My Sassy Girl
Key: The Joker from The Dark Knight
Minho: Lee Byung Hun-sunbae's character in My Bittersweet Life

6. What do you want to say to those that want to become a star?

Onew: Cheers! Their dream is really big
Taemin: If you work hard, then everything will be fine. Fighting!
Jonghyun: Don't give up.
Key: My answer is the same as Jonghyun-hyung's, don't give up!
Minho: Mine would be, "If you don't give up your hopes and dreams, then there would always be a good result/ending."

7. During your trainee days, what words made you cry, and what words made you laugh?

Onew:I remember clearly the words that made me laugh: "Your voice is really good", "When you practice, it's really good to see you working so hard" and "When you greet people with a bow, you look really pretty/nice".
Taemin: I laughed because of this sentence: "You will fulfill your dream".
Jonghyun: In order to become an entertainer, I would quietly give myself confidence. I cried a lot, and laughed a lot.
Key: I laughed when my friends said, "You look more and more like an entertainer/artist now".
Minho: Nothing really; I would compliment/praise myself regularly, but also criticize myself regularly too.

8. When do you feel an adrenaline rush?

Onew: When I'm on stage after a good performance and I hear the audience's cheers and applause.
Taemin: When I watch horror movies?
Jonghyun: When I'm on stage and I hear the music start. When I hear the beginning of "Noona, You're So Pretty", I cannot use words to explain what I feel during that time.
Key: When I stand on stage as a part of SHINee.
Minho: When I give a really good performance on stage.

9. The day when you're no longer on stage, what is your other dream?

Onew: I want to show everyone a never-before-seen side of me. I would like SHINee to become even more well-loved and to show everyone an even harder working side of us. Thank you.
Taemin: To travel around the world. To see and experience different cultures, and to do many things in order to gain more experience.
Jonghyun: I want to become a great lyricist/writer.
Key: To be able to stand on a huge stage and perform. Before reaching that level, it is just a dream. If I have a chance, I would like to try MCing, DJing, acting, and other kinds of entertainment.
Minho: When I was younger, I always wanted to become a soccer player. But now I want to show everyone an even better SHINee. But soccer players don't know about/watch Minho's performance...

Sources: pic & interview (translated by amourette @ soompi)
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