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A day with Princess Gu Hye Sun


Gu Hye Sun, Learn to appreciate the Princess’ life for a day.

First half of this year, she has been the talk of all Korean news media and entertainment. All eyes were on her as she kicked off that Cinderella’s character in “Boys Over Flowers” as Geum Jandi. Now, few months later after the drama ended, Gu Hye Sun is selected as the model for young, casual brand, 숲 (Woods/Forest).

The shooting location took place in a ‘very famous hotel’ in Gangnam (elite area – imagine “Bel Air”, “Beverly Hills”). The shooting concept is titled “A Princess’ Day”

Gu Hye Sun and her lovely, attractive look of a princess pulled off this shooting without distractions. According to her, she was happy to be able to do this photo shoot as it’s quite rare for her to wear such pretty clothes. Gu Hye Sun, “I always wear casual clothes, so wearing these pretty dresses I have to change my attitude also.” A true remark from this young, talented model/actress/writer/artist.

According to 숲 (Woods/Forest) reps, Gu Hye Sun’s image is what they’ve been waiting for. It was a pleasure for them to work with her, and praised her also as she was able to portray a variety of different sets of princess’ mood: arrogant, shy, charming, bright, etc, as they haven’t seen anyone like her in the past.


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