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About Jae Hee

Last year, on May 10, Jungsoo played the piano for this beautiful little girl ㅡ if you watch the video at the bottom of this post, and listen to it carefully, you can hear him sing along towards the end. Her name is Son Jaehee, and she was twelve years old at that time. I felt really touched by her story, I wrote on my blog about her a few times, and I kept reading her family's blog for about a year.

When Jaehee was only ten, on the day of her birthday she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She got surgery twice, and had to go through the strenuous process of chemotherapy (anti-tumour treatment) ten times to get through it. She liked to watch Star King because Kang Hodong made her laugh. She loved singing, but unfortunately she didn't have the strength to do it when she was getting treatment; however, two years after the first diagnosis she started getting better, so she was discharged from the hospital, and was able to release a no-profit single album.

Son Jae Hee's music video: 한걸음씩 (One Step at a Time)

Around December, her health deteriorated and she was hospitalized again. Numerous public figures she met on Star King went to visit her, Kang Hodong went on Christmas Day. He held her hand, and said he felt her squeeze it a little ㅡ at that time Jaehee couldn't awaken, but one day she had written on a note that she really wanted to see Kang Hodong again.

On January 25, Jungsoo was finally able to clear his schedule and visit her ㅡ even if she was still in the same conditions in which Kang Hodong found her. He held her hand, spoke to her, helped her family, brought her big stuffed animals, and gave her a signed Super Junior Happy mini album, on which he wrote that she needed to get up quickly, and sing with him again. Her family was very thankful to him for caring so much about her.

Around March, they let her family bring her home, where she could be in a more comfortable and familiar environment. Her dad's blog entries from the past week are too heartbreaking, and I don't feel like writing about them here, but.. on July 30, Jaehee passed away. Although she no longer is with her parents and little sister, at least she's in a better place now, and will no longer hurt.

I believe that.. somehow.. a small miracle happened when she got better last year. After the first diagnosis was done in 2006, the doctors said she had from three months up to only one year left to live, but she fought for three more years.. she was able to sing again, and meet a lot of great people who showered her with love. Especially, she was able to spend time with her family, who never left her side. So, while this is terribly sad news, although her life was short she accomplished a lot, made one of her dreams come true, and proved everyone that she had great strength.

Today, her dad wrote a letter to Jungsoo and his fans, and posted it on one of his biggest fansites.
Many Super Junior fans left touching comments on the family's blog when they heard the news last week.

I am Son Jaehee’s Dad.
I came after sending Jaehee back.
As I couldn’t greet you properly.. I will humbly meet you like this.

Leeteuk ssi left really nice memories in Jaehee’s mind.

There are numerous remembrances. While preparing for the program Star King ,, Leeteuk ssi came to the hospital later ..
While coming around for a little .. I showed pictures of Leeteuk ssi smiling by Jaehee’s side at that time.

It is a memory no one will ever forget.
He’s a person who created very special memories and reminiscences for Jaehee.

Thank you so much. I wish that amidst all of the world’s words there was one which could truly express my heart.
After sending Jaehee back, I sent a message to Leeteuk ssi.

Not long after came a reply.
I heard from him such a heartfel reply, with words of condolescences … and he said that Jaehee went to a better place.
You are really a good person. I .. can recognize it in people.
It’s true that he’s still a child compared to me, but he is a person with a big heart and feelings.
The members of the fanclub who recognize such a good person .. are good people too.
Thank You.
Thank you once more and .. on behalf of Jaehee, on behalf of our family
Words of gratitude now and forever .. will leave with good memories.

Here's the clip of Star King she was featured in:

Man... condolences to the family :( At least she's in a better place now.

Source here

video 1|video 2
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