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jaejoong & yoochun featured on m-flo tribute album

M-Flo 10th Anniversary TRIBUTE ALBUM
『The M-Flo TRIBUTE ~maison de m-flo ~』
Release Date: 2009 September 16
Part No. RZCD-46340
Price: ¥ 2.100 (tax in)

M-flo gathered together the young and talented with each other for a Dream Tribute Album. Since his debut in 1999, he has sparked a whirlwind history with 10 years of M-flo Japan Music and to commemorate the anniversary, a tribute record with super-plush artists!

Participating artists include:
Aoyama Teruma – Come Again
BENI – Love or Truth
COMA-CHI – Planet Shining
JEJUNG & YUCHUN from Tohoshinki – Been So Long
Marie – Comeback to Me
May J.& JONTE – Miss You
Misono – Simple & Lovely
Shimizu Shota – Let Go
YU-A – The Love Bug
Nisino – Yours Only

source: DBSKKnights + Toho.jp + youtube

HOMFG! 8D I love M-Flo and am thus extremely excited about this.
Tags: collaboration, dong bang shin ki, jaejoong, music, yoochun

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