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SBS StarKing, “2PM WooYoung was not forced to be hypnotized”

Recently there has been many complaints about SBS Star King on the episode aired on 1st August. On the show, they introduced hypnotizing as the ‘best studying method’ and had 2PM member WooYoung hypnotized on the show.

Even though WooYoung has rejected to be hypnotized, he was eventually hypnotized and after the process, he said that that he was not able to speak. Fans and viewers were angry and had taken their complaints to the noticeboard on the show’s website.

They were angry that WooYoung was hypnotized without consent. And on 3rd August, the show revealed their stand on the incident.

They wrote on their official site, “There seems to be some misunderstanding on the show aired on 1st August about using hypnotizing on the show, and the production team would like to explain.”

“It is true that hypnosis will help the students with their concentration in students as part of the summer school break special on the show, we had invited NLP program which uses this technique and had helped many students increase their concentration when studying.”

“The 50 plus students who were invited on the show had their parents’ consent to be on it and teacher in charge of the hypnotizing has decided that to do hands-on experiment during the show.”

About about hypnotizing entertainers on the show, “We explained the process of the hypnotizing to the entertainers on the show. There will be no effect on the mental aspect of the people after hypnotizing.”

“WooYoung has also revealed that he was not forced into hypnotising when he said that he was scared of hypnosis and had said that he can’t speak after it.”

“There is some misunderstanding on the group hypnotizing process since the production edited out the part of the filming which features the students waking up from hypnosis, everyone was fine.”

source : sookyeong
Tags: 2pm, tv shows

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