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[Teddy Park Interview] "I’m happier now than I was back when I was an idol"

“He has changed from an idol group member 11 years ago to now, a famous producer that the whole music industry has set their eyes on. However, the praises and expectations of the people around him are still awkward. It’s because he thinks that he still has a lot of things left to do, and he himself is just a person that likes music. Also, instead of him coming forth himself, it comes more naturally to him to be behind people that have bright futures. This is the story of 1TYM’s Teddy (31, Park Hong Joon).

Teddy is receiving the attention of the music industry once more with the rising popularity of YG Entertainment’s new girl group 2NE1. This is because Teddy composed both 2NE1’s official debut song ‘Fire,’ and ‘I Don’t Care,’
which is sweeping various music charts lately. Teddy was also in charge of producing 2NE1’s first minialbum, which included ‘I Don’t Care,’ as a whole. His talent is to the point that Yang Hyun Seok, the real head of YG Entertainment, judged him saying, “Teddy played a major role for 2NE1 to be able to rise to the top in a small amount of time.”

In truth, Teddy was a talented composer and producer that the music industry acknowledged even before 2NE1. Last year, he produced Big Bang’s Taeyang’s first solo album which contained “Look Only At Me,” and he also composed Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Disco.”

Thus, debuting in 4-member idol group 1TYM in 1998 and receiving fans’ love, now after more than 10 years has passed, he is showing his capabilities with no remorse.

“You can’t be as happy as standing on the stage when promoting as a 1TYM rapper. It’s because I was able to let my fans hear the music that I liked. But, I’m also very happy now, promoting as a producer. It’s because I can work with the music I made and talented singers, and at the same time, I can let fans hear that music again. Rather, I think I’m happier now than I was back when I was an idol. Also, I think that instead of standing in the front, my personality goes better with holding up someone from behind. Haha.”

Teddy, who lives deeply engrossed in music like this, has a rule that he keeps without fail when he gives a song. The rule is that in order to give a song to a singer, he needs to know a lot of things about that singer personally.

“I think that the music producer plays the part of setting a middle ground between what the composer was aiming for and the singer’s intention. There were a lot of times when I was offered a large amount of money to compose and produce, but I turned the offer down because I didn’t know that singer perfectly. I think that’s why until now, I’ve only worked with YG artists.”

After Teddy first knows a lot about that artist, he then tries his hardest to make music for that singer or team that fits them. Of course, he focuses on giving life to both the recent trends and the personality of the artist when making music or an album. There are lots of times when he thinks of both the outfits and choreography here. This is a good thing that only happens when he works with artists that he knows well, Teddy explains.

Currently, Teddy is producing both 2NE1’s first full-length album, and Taeyang’s second solo album, which are set to be released later this year, at the same time. It could be seen as difficult but there are almost no times when he has a frown on his face. It’s because his expectations for 2NE1 and Taeyang are large.

Teddy said, smiling, “2NE1, who I’ve watched until now, are friends that have a lot of things to show in the future. That I met these friends is fortunate for me as a producer.”

About Taeyang as well, he complimented, “Since Taeyang trained at YG Entertainment ever since elementary school, he’s a dongsaeng that I’ve watched since he was very little. Even though he’s 10 years younger than me, I can learn a lot from him in various areas such as music. Currently, I’ve finished about 8 songs to go into his new solo album, and you can see a Taeyang that has risen to the greatest levels in vocal and performance areas.”

Teddy, who is full of expectations himself, is receiving the concentrated attention of the music industry in the music that he is going to reveal with stars and people with bright futures.

credit: starnews, sophia for link, ygworld
translation: Jet@ygworld


I wonder if the news item about Teddy producing 2NE1's full album means that G-Dragon's songs for that album have been scrapped altogether or if Teddy is just controlling recording process of them. :-\
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