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WonderGirls send greetings back to Korea

Currently promoting in America, the WonderGirls sent their greetings to their fans in Korea.

The girls did that through a video posted on their endorsement Peripera site on 5th August. They did a short interview saying, “Hello everyone. We are very happy to do greetings in Korean after so long.”

They continued, “We are currently in Philadelphia. And our performance just ended. We are going everyday on stage performing for the Jonas Brothers’ concert feeling thankful. Thank you everyone for the encouragement.”

They also said, “As you can see, we are currently promoting ‘Nobody’ and as you can see our costumes, makeup and hair is not much different from when we were doing the song in Korea. And now in America, there is a crazy for the retro look too. We will continue to work hard with the encourage and support everyone gives. Let’s meet in Korea soon!”

Source: sookyeong, youtube

Ye-eun your hair is. Just. Uhm.
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