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DBSK Dispute, causing stir in music industry, "Not Someone Else's Business"


As DBSK dispute continues downhill, the music industry has begun supervising their own. The possibility of a 2nd or 3rd DBSK dispute is causing a crisis in the music industry.
Seeing the members they once created and nurtured to be top Asian singers, now fighting with their company is a bitter sight to see for the middle management executives. However, as Xiah Junsu and other members have revealed the unjust contract conditions, some are saying that this is the time to self-exam and improve. How is the contract conditions for groups other than DBSK.

Super Junior, Girl's Generation, longest contract is 13 years

Other idol groups in SM entertainment is being targeted first. It was reported that for Super Junior, Girl's Generation, and Shinee, contracts are different for each members but the contract periods are anywhere from 5 years to 13 years.

Because some members of Super Junior and Girl's Generation have different debut years, their contract is individual.
Before Kangin became a member of Super Junior, he was a VJ for a entertainment news program. Before the release of Girl's generation album in 2007, member Sooyoung made debut in a duo 'Route Oh" in 2002 under SM Japan so she signed a contract before the other members. Because the contracts are individual, earning distributions and schedule conditions are different for each member.

One Super Junior member spoke with IS on the phone stating, "even if I want to move to another company, the remaining terms of the contract and penalty for breaching the contract is far beyond than people imagine. Because we have a lot of members in our team, we have to divide our earnings into 1/13, so we do not make much money. Up until recently, SM tried to make it our responsibility to pay for our stylist but a senior member took courage and corrected it. There are feelings in the company that if you do something that the company doesn't like, it is only your loss so even if we have complaints, we can't express it well."

It was reported that they had a meeting with each other after the DBSK dispute became a controversy.

Music producers state "they don't even know the situations"

Another artist under SM Entertainment stated with affliction, "DBSK sunbae's dispute is bitter to watch because it seems it our future is being shown. Trurthfully, there are too many things on my mind that I can't concentrate when I'm performing on stage or doing other broadcasting schedules."

For one group of singers under an entertainment company, although earning distributions are clear and there is strong confidence between the company, they signed a contract period for almost 10 years and are anxious that this might spark something in their way.

Jang Yoon jung and Park Hyun Bin also signed 10 year contract with their company and although Jewelry members have different contracts, members have been working under the same company for over 8 years. They stated that the problem is mutual distrust, not the contract period.

As the long period contracts are arising as a problem, music industry producers respond that they don't even know what the situation is like. They stated that as singers debut younger and younger, it is becoming normal to start training elementary school kids and if companies continued to meet the demands of its artists, the company would not be able to survive.

One entertainment company president stated, "I am paying attention to how the provisional disposition will be ruled. I feel like singers do not consider the company's perspective and are only considering these situations once they have become famous. I hope this will be an opportunity to eliminate troubles between singers and companies."

Original article can be found Here
Article Credit: Kim Sung Eui @ joongang
Translation Credit: j.adore @ soompi
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