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Go Ara mini news post

Go Ara Tearfully Doubted Her Acting Skills Before “Reply 1994″ Aired

Reply 1994“s Go Ara shared her inner thoughts on her acting career.

On the “Reply 1994″ Epilogue that aired on January 3, footage of the cast members’ interviews before the drama started was shown.

During the interview, Go Ara shared, “I don’t know if I can do this right now.” She also revealed, “I have an ‘Ok Lim’ trauma,” as she shed tears.

Go Ara also confessed that she felt that she reached a limit as an actress. But clearly, the actress has overcome her fears and doubts as she perfectly portrayed the character of Sung Na Jung. The next scene showed Go Ara with her hair cut short and practicing her accented lines.

Go Ara debuted in the teen drama “Sharp” in 2003 as the main character, Ok Lim. Afterwards, Go Ara struggled to achieve good ratings for her subsequent dramas, which made people doubt her acting skills.

However, Go Ara received immense love and positive reviews for her portrayal of Sung Na Jung in “Reply 1994,” which came to an end on December 28 with stellar ratings.

Ko Ah-ra
is enjoying an image makeover due to her role as a tomboy in tvN's "Answer Me 1994".

In the highly popular TV drama, she stars as a university student who moves to the capital from her hometown in the southern port city of Masan, South Gyeongsang Province.

"Previously, my image was more like that of a quiet and well-behaved doll, which is something I really wanted to break out of", said the 23-year-old.

Ko originally dreamed of becoming a TV presenter. She decided to apply for acting jobs in 2003 to gain experience and ended up landing a role in a KBS teen drama. Her role as an ambitious and confident middle school girl catapulted her to instant stardom. But she failed to continue the momentum with her subsequent roles -- in four films and three TV dramas -- leading to criticism that she was just another pretty face with no talent.

"Answer Me 1994" has proven a golden opportunity for Ko to show her potential as well as her lack of pretension as her character is sometimes called on to serve as the butt of the joke.

Although she hails from Jinju in South Gyeongsang Province, she spoke with her hometown friends on the phone frequently to make sure she got the local dialect correct after spending so many years living in Seoul. She also took some voice lessons from a close friend living in Busan, she said.

As she was only four years old during the time when the drama is set, Ko made a scrapbook of newspapers from the period to get a better feeling of the period.

Her efforts seem to have paid off as she has succeeded in shaking off her baby doll image. She said she will work hard to become a more accomplished actress.

sources: Soompi, Chosun Ilbo (English edition)

I am so incredibly happy for her that she is getting recognition and positive feedback for her role as the immensely awesome Sung Najung. She is so talented and really committed to acting. In every scene of Answer Me 1994, she was always Najung, even when she was just in the background and didn't have to do any lines, she would remain in character. I loved watching her. I can't wait to see what her future projects will be. She hurt her ankle while filming AM1994 and she's supposed to receive surgery for it. Her free hug event has apparently been turned into a fansign event to ease the stress on her leg. Get well soon, bb! <3

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