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FT Island, “How About Betting Ice Cream On Wrestling Battles?”

FT Island will share with us stories on their music and lives in the coming episode of “MY 樂 STORY“.

FT Island is gaining lots of popularity along with the recent release of their 3rd album “Cross & Change“. It’s also their first time going on a 3 day 2 night vacation ever since their debut.

Creating a new paradigm in the current music industry, FT Island not only sings, the members are also active in emcee-ing, musicals and dramas. Though they have never been on any vacations since their debut, they have decided to go on one to reward themselves for the hard work they put in for their 3rd album.

FT Island had a short vacation at the beach. They shared thoughts and confided in one another; betting ice cream on wrestling battles on the beach, showing the strong ties of friendship between them. Things which we normally do not see on stage like members without make up as well as their playful side were all revealed.

FT Island’s “Splendid Vacation” on “MY 樂 STORY” will broadcast on 7th August at 10pm on tvN.

Source: Primanoona
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