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Ailee & Hyorin are friends, mmm-kay?!

Ailee and SISTAR’s Hyorin appeared on the January 4 ‘rival’ episode of KBS’s “Immortal Song” and went head-to-head singing Shin Seung Hoon’s “Your Smile in My Memory” and Kim Gun Mo’s “First Impression,” respectively.

After both of their performances, “Immortal Song” host Shin Dong Yeop asked Ailee how she feels about being compared to Hyorin as her rival. Ailee said, “I don’t like it. We’re really close, and being pitted against each other is awkward for both of us.” Hyorin agreed, and said, “It’s embarrassing and awkward. I’ve been close to Ailee since before her first album, after shooting a drama together.”

When asked what they would choose if they had to decide between friendship and victory, the two singers both chose friendship. But Ailee joked, “I thought friendship was more important, too, so I put together a calm and gentle performance, but here’s Hyorin talking about friendship and coming out with a huge dance performance. It’s like she was bent on winning!”

Other rival battles on the January 4 episode of “Immortal Song” were Jo Jang Hyuk vs. V.O.S, and Moon Myung Jin vs. Bada.

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