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Kang Eunbi's Suicide Attempt

Actress Kang Eunbi, who is debuting as a singer, confessed recently that she had attempted suicide.

On tvN ENEWS on 6th August, Kang Eunbi expressed her feelings about how she had to suffer through hurtful rumors and hateful comments about her singing debut.

Kang Eunbi said, "Anti-fans followed me on set, threw milk, eggs and tissues at me. I had to go around with a bucket on my head. I even had to get psychiatric consultation."

She added, "After that, I kept on hearing voices saying 'Die. I don't need you', I tried to commit suicide several times. I heard voices in the morning so I ran up to the roof and tried to hang myself. I tried rolling off the stairs, and also tried to cut my wrist."

Even her young brother was not spared from the abuse, "My brother was ostracized in school because of me. My brother once came to me crying, holding my hands and pleading with me to leave the entertainment industry and not become an actress."

This was not the end of her confessions as she said, "When Jung Da Bin and U-nee committed suicide, there were rumors that I committed suicide as well because of what I wrote in my minihompy." Kang Eunbi will also be talking about many of her other rumors, from accusations that her beauty mark on her nose is fake, to the scandal she had with soccer player, Lee Chunsoo. Her interview airs later this evening through tvN.

Source: allkpop

Ugh, it's ridiculous how many entertainers go through this.
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