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Lee Byung-Hun criticized by a Japanese reporter for being Korean

"Why is a Korean actor playing a Japanese ninja?"

One Japanese movie reporter has complained about Lee ByungHun playing a Japanese character in the upcoming movie G.I. Joe. Lee ByungHun plays Storm Shadow in the movie, and in the reporter's article, he stated that G.I. Joe was "a very stupid movie that showed Lee ByungHun as a perfect Japanese when he's not."

He also mentioned that this movie became useless due to Lee ByungHun and couldn't accept why he plays a Japanese ninja.

The reporter also criticized the directors, saying "Stupid old men just made the movie for themselves."

Japanese netizens who read the article mentioned "Kimchi Ninja," and said "All Koreans who enter Japan are all spies."

One netizen said, "He can't do secret missions as a spy because he smells like kimchi." (LOL WAT?) They also mentioned their superiority over all Asians by saying "Stop putting all Asians together, because Japanese are special."

However, other Japanese netizens have mentioned, "Is there any Japanese actors that can do Hollywood action?" and "It's no problem because he portrays a Korean born in Japan."


Why are they picking on Lee Byung Hun? What about Gianna Jun playing a ninja vampire or Rain in a movie called "Ninja Assassin?"
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