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Jaebeom and Nicole are New Nodaji MC’s

2PM Hottests, rejoice!

2PM's sexy leader Park Jaebeom and KARA's cutie Nicole Jung will be the new MC's for MBC's new show Nodaji, replacing Choi Min Yong and Kim Tae Hyun. Other MC's for the show include Kim Jae Dong, Jo Hae Ryun, Shin Jung Hwan, and Hwang Bo

The first episode of Nodaji airs on August 23rd as a regular program for MBC Sunday Sunday Night. The show is a historical cultural variety show that involves visiting famous cultural spots and completing a treasure map. On July 26th, the show was first aired as a pilot program and received some positive responses from viewers as being a useful historical message, while some viewers commented that it should be more like "a variety show, not a documentary.”

First Taecyeon and Wooyoung, and now Jay? Love it. But unfortunately, the show Good Body, Bad Body, Weird Body featuring fellow group member Nichkhun will be cancelled due to the addition of Nodaji.

Thanks to Kirstyn@Chanrakkhun for the translation.

cant seem to add any tags... anyway, haha jaebeom & nicole, cant wait to see that ^^

Tags: 2pm, kara

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