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Gdragon= Gay rapper?

Rapper 60row has criticised Big Bang GDragon and SG Wannabe.
All this while known for his malicious tongue towards other celebrities in the zone and getting noise marketing out of it, singer 60row is back with a new album ‘Loving WonderLand’ after 1.5 years. And this time he critcises Big Bang GDragon and SG Wannabe.
60row begins with, “People who feels awkward and curious listening to my songs, don’t listen to it. And for people who are prepared to listen and have listened to it, listen to the other songs too. Then I’ll earn some money.”
He continued, “For people who are angry after listening to ‘Stop ya music’ and knowing my crticisms and labels for others, are you still curious? Big Bang? From ‘Lies’ and like ‘Lies’, they have been alright right now. GDragon who has the very gay rap tone. If the kid appears on the TV, I immediately switch channels. SG Wannabe? These people after 2 years their music are still very like trash.”
But on the other hand, 60row, “Yoon JongShin hyung’s lyric’s sentiments. Toy HeeYeol hyung’s wiseness and calmness. The swag that joins the DOC hyungs’ generation. Ra.d’s swag that goes ahead time. And even the Broccoli Nomajo’s 2oth century’s feel” He talks about the artistes he looks up to.
Lastly he said, “Qualifications? I don’t know anything about it. I say what my heart likes. Ivy said ‘himnae’ but was scolded, saying it is dirty when it is dirty, being scolded, always looking at others, and saying my piece. But whether it is good or not, it is the personality to blame, and if you don’t like it, don’t take interests in me.”
Meanwhile, rapper 60row will have his album showcase on 15th August in CoEX.

Disgusting*. Who the fuck is 60row anyway?
Tags: fail, g-dragon, lgbt / rights, wtf

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