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Omona Oppa/Hyung Bias Games King Post. #2014ayo

The results are here. Sorry about this being so late, had a lot of stuff on. Anyway enough with the chit chat, time to get to the results!!! We'll first countdown the top 5.


[#5 is....]Gong Yoo

Here is the man who's smile is bright enough to power your solar panels. And if you're wondering why he's been able to get in to the top 5, here's some of his fantastic talent on display:

Look at the way he is ruffling his hair. Extreme talent.

The Daniel Day Lewis of abs. Great dramatic performance tbh.

One of his best scenes tbh, you can just feel the emotion.

jk he's a great actor.


[#4 is....]Song Joong Ki aka the most kyupta mofo on the Planet

Joongki makes the top ten on #4. He might not have been active this year but he's clearly still loved. But for only coming fourth? Joong Ki is coming for your ass Omona, be afraid, be very afraid.


[#3 is.....]

Won Bin

Won Bin isn't only beloved by Korean netizens, Omona also has alot of love for this man. Great actor, genetically gifted and a great persona to top it all off. Is there anything this man lacks? I doubt it.


[#2 is.....]Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin has within a year solidified himself as someone to look out for. With his Dino sexiness and Lizard magnetism. Okay jokes over but Kim Woo Bin has been a real breakout star this year, with his dramas doing well and him killing at the boxoffice, the future is bright for Reptile Oppar.


[#1 is....]Yoo Jae Suk

Yes Jaesuk is King of Oppa/Hyuna bias games. Beating a ton of others he's landed at the top. Whether you love him or hate him, his enduring popularity is undeniable and he's able elevate variety shows without the need to bring others down. Bow down, the man is basically perfection.

[The rest of the rankings..]#6

Joint winners:

Kim Jae Wook

Forever Second Lead Kim Jae Wook.

Lee Kwang Soo

Prince of Asia apparently, between him and Jang Geun Suk, Asia is really in need of a revolution.


Lee Minki

I'm honestly surprised Lee Min Ki got in to the top 10, nice to see he's on the spectrum when it come to International stans.


Lee Soo Hyuk

Model Oppas might not all have made it but Lee Soo hyuk ends up at #8. Go for it, fly your way to the top Bird oppa


Sung Joon

The list ends with Sungjoon. He's a rising star for sure. Watch out for him Omona.

Poll #1953380 Bias Games

Do you agree with the rankings?

Yes. Jae Suk is the chosen one, he's Neo and the rest are extras tbh
Nope. Kim Woo Bin should have won.
Won Bin wins at life so w/e
Omona needs an exorcism to banish its bad taste to hell
Dick? Eh please. Misandry 4 lyfe

There you go Omona. Vote and comment. Thanks for all the votes.
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