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Omona Unnie/Noona Bias Games. Queen Post.

The end is here. Let's get it on.

[#5 is..]#5

Song Hye Go

Ethereal goddess Song Hye Go is no 5. She might not be the most active actor but she's got her fans.

[#4 is..]#4

Shin Min Ah

The goddess that tapped your Omona King (TOP). She's doing well for herself with an enviable filmography.

[#3 is..]#3

Yoo Eun Hye

It might have been years since she was a hallyu queen but she continues to stay relevant. Now if only her agent would get her a good drama already.

[#2 is..]#2

Gong Hyo Jin

Surprise top two entry. Gong Hyo Jin is rising to the top with her ability, with success after success, the only way is up.


Song Ji Hyo

She's probably the most popular female variety star so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Song Ji Hyo slayed her competition. A formidable force on her own. The Queen that noone can stand up to.

[The rest of the rankings..]#6

Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won lands just outside the top 5.


Moon Chae Won

Yay Moon Chae Won lands at #7. Give her all the love Omona.

Park Shin Hye

Arguably the most popular young actress her age right now, Shin Hye Lands joint #7.


Lee Bo Young

What doing one popular drama can do, Lee Bo Young lands in the top ten.


Kim Mi Kyung

The stand out star from Heirs lands Kim Mi Kyung in the top ten. get that popularity.

Poll #1953588 Bias Games Results

Do you agree with the results

Yes. Song Ji Hyo is my gurl
Nope. Why is my fav not winning
I wish they could all win. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles
Who are these people? (i'm here for the dick)
Misandry ftw

That's it. Wow this took longer than I'd hoped. Anyway the games are done. I'm sure we're still having a kpop song competition so there's that to look forward to. So until the summer where the Kpop Bias Games shall return once again, I'm out. See you guys in the summer.
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