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GOT7 got Influenza :(

GOT7’s Jr. Can’t Record for Music Program, Down with Influenza Virus

GOT7 member Jr. was unable to record for a music program because he is sick.

GOT7 recorded for SBS MTV “The Show” on January 28, performing their “Intro” and “Girls Girls Girls,” the title track from their first mini-album, “Got It?” However, Jr. was unable to be on stage with the other members as he had caught an influenza virus.

Jr. received a flu diagnosis on January 27 and is seeking full recovery.

According to his agency, JYP Entertainment, “Jr. complained of pain on January 27. He’s got influenza, and we are awaiting his full recovery. After he recovers, we will decide if he will continue with the schedule.”

GOT7 is enjoying popularity with their debut track “Girls Girls Girls,” and are in the middle of active promotions.

“The Show” airs every Tuesday at 6:00 PM KST on SBS MTV.

JB and Youngjae Also Down with the Flu, GOT7 to Temporarily Halt Activities

After Jr was diagnosed with the flu, JB and Youngjae also came down with the virus, leaving GOT7 no choice but to stop activities for the moment.

On January 28, JYP Entertainment announced that Jr, JB and Youngjae were recently diagnosed with the influenza virus.

Jr was the first one who showed symptoms and was not able to attend the recording for SBS MTV’s “The Show,” leaving only six members on stage.

Afterwards, the GOT7 members all visited the hospital for a check-up, which is when JB and Youngjae were diagnosed.

It was planned for GOT7 to promote their debut mini-album until the middle of next month. However, since three out of the seven members are sick, they will be temporarily stopping activities.

GOT7′s reps commented, “GOT7 is trying their best to recover right now and they have no choice but to rearrange their schedule.”

Meanwhile, GOT7 will be resting until February 1 and is planning on resuming activities through the SBS Lunar New Year special of “Inkigayo.”


The boys doing a radio show without JB, Jr. and Youngjae!

Source: Soompi 1, Soompi 2, 최원영, KBS CoolFM

Get well soon bbs!!!!
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