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Old and new 2pm Goodies

Cuties being Cute under the guise of Season's Greetings

Taec's dimples are out in full force. Prepare yourself beforehand.

Junho on Instagram is the best

Pretty sure this is an ad for one of those videos that you may or may not hide under your bed... if you get what I mean... *nudge nudge*... *wink wink*

Shameless self promotion. Hey You is one of the songs he wrote for the Genesis of 2pm album


Ok TaecYeon on Human Condition

The first ten minutes of this is pure gold. I started with episode three because it's the funniest but you can find the rest of the episodes here.

Japanese Shows and Promos

2pm being cute and taking silly games very seriously. Unsubbed and 11 minutes but goofy is universal and very worth it.

This is the full song of what they performed on the show above. All scenes are from when they were in Germany.

Such weirdos...

Young Boys Cut...Click-y click

Edit: Didn't realize that the second video shouldn't be reuploaded so I've linked to it instead!

Sources: YT:JYPstore, Instagram: dlwnsgj, YT: KBS World TV, Dailymotion: LF2pm3, YT: SMEJ, Dailymotion: Only-Woo

Any interest in a Genesis of 2pm listening post? Any interest in more from their overseas promotions/schedules? There isn't so much to post as most of it isn't subbed. Any interest in an airport fashion thing? Those boys be stylin' and alternately sometimes look absolutely and utterly ridiculous (in the bestest possible way of course) but either way it tends to be great and they are at the airport A LOT. Sorry if any of the videos aren't available in your country I'm not sure what any of the restrictions are!
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