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Idol Sports Championship star 4minute Sohyun decimates all competition for gold medal

Now officially known as an Archer-dol, 4minute's maknae Kwon Sohyun proved her skills by knocking Sistar's Bora, After Caramel's Lizzy and Secrets Hyesung out of the Idol Sports Championship archery contest.

The idol who was recently appointed the ambassador for the Kolon Archery Team proved her prowess in the sport she grew to love just a year ago. Sohyun personally requested the producers of the show to appear in the archery competition this year. No one expected Sohyun to literally blow away all competitors, break camera lenses and targets as well!

Before the match, Bora commented, "I anticipated this match a little. It's the fourth time I'm competing against Sohyun, but I won every time," (Sistar won against 4minute in team matches, Sohyun actually beat Bora individually each time) while modest Sohyun said, "Each time was a team game, so I haven't had a chance to show my personal skills."

Sohyun's unprecedented victories catapulted her name up into all the search rankings during the airing of the championship as the entire country acknowledged her skills.

Sources: love in da cube, osen, sports chosun, mbckpop, kopxpert, girlsday translating.
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