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JYJ Kim Jaejoong – His sincere feelings and heart toward Japanese fans


JYJ Kim Jaejoong held his solo concert on the 22nd and 23rd of January in Nagoya. After Yokohama and Osaka, his concert [in Nagoya] gathered more than 20,000 fans who got drunk in his appeal as a rock musician.

On the 23rd, before the concert, BntnewsJapan had an exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong. After rehearsal, he shared with us his sincere feelings and his heart toward Japanese fans.

— Your feeling about your tour in Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya?
I felt like it was a mini Japan national tour. I’m very thankful that many people came to my solo concert. They said “I’m a Jaejoong fan,” but I myself want to say [to them], “I’m your fan.”

— The difference between JYJ concert and your solo concert?
As JYJ, each of the 3 members has his own color, plus JYJ’s own color as a whole, so people can see 4 different colors. In my concert, there is no dance song. It’s not dance but jump or simple movements to liven up the mood. The atmosphere is different [between JYJ concert and Jaejoong solo concert]

— Your favorite song among the songs you perform?
It’s not my self-composed song. I like “Glamorous Sky” and “Ultra Soul”, famous Japanese songs from the old days. Even in different stages, the audience reacts since the intro. The atmosphere is still good even though I don’t try too hard (laughs).

—The outfit concept of this concert?
The outfit concept is “Let’s sweat!”. I have about one jacket and the costumes are also simple. If I dress up too much, I’m afraid that fans would go with the same mindset. But this time, the concept will make them feel more comfortable and free to enjoy. Monitoring the audience’s reaction is also stage directing skill.


In every of his concerts, Jaejoong set the dress code and asked his fans to dress up in that theme. It must have some meaning.

Because he wasn’t sure if JYJ fans were familiar with rock atmosphere, he thought it would bring more confidence [in people]. If there are people of similar style around, fans will get used to it, become more confident and will possibly dance. Seeing people around get high, they themselves will also get excited and dance.

— Your health management before the concert?
I’m doing it naturally. I’m trying not to be concerned too much. Even if my condition is bad, I’ll think that it’s still good. Because there will be a reverse effect if you know exactly how bad it is. Also, I’m trying not to consume too heavy meals.

Every time he came to Nagoya, he ate about 30-40 chicken wings, but Jaejoong said that this time he only had 2. “Self-management” is an important keyword for Jaejoong.


This concert has female singer GUMMY as guest in the duet song ‘HEAVEN’. We asked his feeling toward her.

Her singing ability is incredible. I made my debut in the same time with Gummy-ssi. She debuted a little sooner than me (T/N: literally, “She is my sunbae by a little bit of time) but I think her singing ability has been evolving ever since.

— How did the collaboration with GUMMY in “HEAVEN” start?
I received “Heaven” after completing my first album. Gummy-ssi has joined the same company as me. We wanted to sing together, so I changed the lyrics and included this song in my repackage album. I’m a man but there is something slightly thin in my voice. Gummy-ssi is a woman but her voice has male energy. I think our voices match.

HEAVEN” is a beautiful ballad. Two people’s harmony on the stage can make you let out a sigh unconsciously. A high-class collaboration is what you must taste in this album.

But the surprise actually is the fact that he sings “Keshou” of Nakashima Miyuki.

—Why did you pick that song?
When I was about to start my Asia tour, I was looking for Japanese songs to sing in my concert. “Keshou” was in shortlist. It’s not a rock song but a song which conveys woman’s feelings. I wanted to sing it with utmost sincerity. The same bewilderment, experience happened to me. I’m also sympathetic to some parts of the lyrics.

— You also collaborated with GLAY’s TAKURO in songwriting?
Actually, TAKURO’s wife is addicted to our music. It seems that she has been listening to our music for a long time. That was actually the first opportunity.

—Your recent hobby?
I’ll do this in the future – I want to do muscle training. I have done it before but now I’m so thin, I want to work out again.

—Your recent favorite Japanese food?
I love the bento in convenience stores. The bento in Japanese convenience store is the best in the world. Such as Salisbury steak or salmon. It’s dangerous to watch commercials of new bento before going to bed. It seems that in the middle of strict self-management, the bento in Japanese convenience stores is such a sweet temptation.

Lastly, Jaejoong told us about his image on stage and his message to Japanese fans

Since I sing rock, I must believe that “I’m a narcissist” [on stage], I’m trying to get that image. When I come off the stage, I am no different from a normal person.


After 30 minutes interview, what remains the most in our mind is how much effort Jaejoong made so that his fans could enjoy and feel happy. He’s cool, he’s stylish, his performances overflow with charisma; but what we can see is how hard he tries to delight fans. Maybe that’s why more and more people get attracted to him. With the thought of trying to cherish this “bond” between him and fans, riding the beat of heavy rock, he comes to permeate through our hearts.

We sincerely hope for further growth of Kim Jaejoong in 2014.

Credit: BNT Japan
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Proofread by: @ayano_JYJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ + JYJ3
Tags: interview, jaejoong, overseas activities
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