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G-Dragon round-up

Trailer for J. Estina

Concert pictures (HQ)











Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter (continuation of this)


Was there a moment when you truly realized that you and/or Big Bang had become incredibly popular on a worldwide level?

When I went on the Big Bang Alive Galaxy world tour in 2012 and my first solo world tour in 2013. Before I was physically there in different countries to meet my fans in person, I didn’t really realize how famous I was. Through the world tour experiences, I was able to figure out where we stand in different countries, which helped us learn how we should plan things going forward.

Do you now think about the international market, and not just the Korean market, when you're working on a new record?
Definitely. Nowadays, I can interact with my fans all around the world via SNS and YouTube, and they can monitor my daily life. I study my fans all the time and what I learn from them will definitely be reflected in my future work.

How many frequent flier miles do you think you have?
I’m not sure. Maybe a few million?

You and your bandmate Taeyang recently returned from Paris Fashion Week, where you sat front row at shows like Yohji Yamamoto, Thom Browne, Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Comme des Garcons. What do you wear on long overseas flights?
I don’t care. I just try to look good always.

What are your future career goals? Would you consider doing a Big Bang or solo album for the English-language market?
I’ve always been thinking about it but, of course, learning English comes first. I’ll definitely do it when I’m really ready for it.

Tae Jin Ah wants to perform with G-dragon


After creating much buzz as “Bijinah,” singer Tae Jin Ah revealed he would like to collaborate with G-Dragon next.

Tae Jin Ah had an interview session with SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment,” which aired on January 29. The singer discussed his collaboration stage with Rain and the performance of “La Song” on SBS’ “Inkigayo.”

During the interview, Tae Jin Ah revealed he accepted Rain’s request to perform together without hesitation and said, “I’m actually three years older than Rain’s father. I would enjoy more of these types of opportunities.”

He was asked which artist he would like to work with next. Tae Jin Ah answered, “G-Dragon has mentioned my name as his fashion mentor. I think it would be fun to work together.”

Yang Hyun Suk Compares G-Dragon and to Seo Taji


YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk used to be part of Seo Taiji and Boys, a group that enjoyed vast popularity in the 1990s under the leadership of all-rounded genius Seo Taiji, who was lyricist, composer and producer all at once. Yang Hyun Suk later moved behind the scenes to become a producer and cultivated the talent of massive idol group BIGBANG, and especially charismatic and flamboyant leader G-Dragon, who does producing, writes lyrics and composes.

So how do Seo Taiji and G-Dragon match up? Yang Hyun Suk says, “Both are musically gifted, but they’re totally different types of geniuses.”

He met with the press following BIGBANG’s concert in Seoul on January 26. Reflecting on his time with Seo Taiji, he said, “Seo Taiji thought only about the music. He had no interest in fashion, and didn’t really have much interest in dancing. He thought only about his music. He would shut himself up for a few months at time working on albums and was wholly immersed in his music.”

According to Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon has the completely opposite disposition from Seo Taiji. “G-Dragon often amazes and surprises me. He does music well but he also has an excellent fashion sense and is an international fashionista. He also has a lot of interest in different fields, such as dancing. He has a totally different style of making music compared to Seo Taiji. He gets flashes of inspiration while playing, and is able to make music quickly.”

It is well-known that Yang Hyun Suk put G-Dragon through harsh training since he was young. Having been discovered by YG when he was young, G-Dragon was ordered to present a self-composed song every month to Yang Hyun Suk. G-Dragon is the only YG artist to date who has ever received this sort of special cultivation.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “I wasn’t satisfied with the songs that G-Dragon submitted to me. I only recognized his song-writing abilities after he made BIGBANG’s ‘Lies.’ G-Dragon made his name known amongst hip hop fans since he was very young. I never thought about making a group. G-Dragon was born gifted, and I merely helped to ensure he grew up well.”

After Seo Taiji and Boys announced their retirement in 1996, Yang Hyun Suk had asked Seo Taiji, “Do you think another group such as Seo Taiji and Boys will emerge in future?” He found himself asking the same question when watching BIGBANG in concert. “Will another group such as BIGBANG come out in future?” It’s a question that he has asked more than a few times.

“Seo Taiji and Boys” were active for less than 4 years. When I created BIGBANG, I wanted them to go beyond the commonly accepted 4-5 year lifespan that a boy group typically had. BIGBANG has gone beyond that and is now in their 9th year as a group. I would like it if they could be active for more than 20 years.”

G-Dragon had revealed to fans at their January 26 concert about BIGBANG’s plans to comeback this summer with their third studio album. The group is aiming for a July-August release, and that will make it their first full album since 2012. Meanwhile, BIGBANG’s members will each work on their solo activities while preparing for the album. Taeyang will be releasing a solo album T.O.P has filming for "Tazza 2” and G-Dragon is expected to put his full energy into the album starting from March.

Seo Taiji announced last December via his official homepage that a 9th album is in the works, with plans for release in the middle or later part of the year. Seo Taiji’s last music release was his 8th album in July 2009, so it’ll be four years since he’s had any new music activities. While Seo Taiji and BIGBANG’s promotions are unlike to overlap, news of their comebacks has certainly raised expectations of their fans.

G-Dragon's confidence comes from his fans


Always bold and daring in everything he does, Big Bang’s G-Dragon talked about where his confidence comes from.

Fashion magazine Elle recently released its pictorial with G-Dragon for its upcoming issue. As the new model of J.Estina, G-Dragon personally showcased its items through his own style.During the interview, G-Dragon talked about his creativity.

“In order to keep my creativity alive, I just try to enjoy life to the fullest,” said G-Dragon. “I think the confidence that I have right now is something that was created by the fans who love me.” (♥)

The full interview and pictorial will be released in the February issue.



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"Answer me 1988"




"Homage to GD tweet jacket by Kim #kim #chanel # #punk #rock"


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Petition for GD to model more because I've been loving pretty much all his recent shoots, including the Estina ones. He's improved heaps on this front when compared to before. Also, according to YG, GD will be locked inside the studio from March onwards... so let's enjoy this while we still can? (Though as he's been getting new cf deals left and right I'm not sure that whole isolution thing will actually happen).

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