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T-Ara: What Was the Meanest Question on Radio Star? Boyfriends!

T-ara thought about what was the "meanest" question on Radio Star.

T-ara said on a recent interview that as newcomers on their first broadcast, Radio Star was quite burdensome. "We didn't decorate or exaggerate ourselves, but instead tried to be honest and entertaining."

Later they were asked what question was the most memorable, and they all replied, "the ones regarding boyfriends."

Eunjung said, "the night before we were all very scared. We tried to forecast what questions would be asked, but thought 'if only the boyfriend questions would not come up, then that'd be great.' But then suddenly the ex-boyfriend question was asked and all of us were rather surprised," she said with a laugh.

"If we said 'we don't have boyfriends' then netizens would all say we were lying. So we thought the best thing to do would be to just be honest and frank about answering it," she added.

translated by tinggg here
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