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Omona semi secret Valentines is approaching!


Time to give each other some love, anonymously or not!!! Same rules as last year's:

1. Choose a member, a secret internet crush, or a group of people.
2. Think about all the things you like about this person/these people and create something. It doesn't have to be super beautiful; it's the thought that counts.
3. Make sure you identify who it's for.
4. You can sign your name... or not. The choice is yours!
5. Upload your card to a reliable image host, and e-mail your card to
6. Create as many cards as you want!

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Friday in Pacific Time, I'll start the Valentine's Day FFA at around 12pm PT (your deadline is any time before 12 pm PT) when I'll be posting these things.

Here's examples from last year:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Tags: !omona members, semi-secret valentines
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