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What happened to SE7EN returning to the US shortly?

Last month allkpop broke the news on YG Entertainment's plans to kill Se7en's career in the US, turning down major deals and breakthrough's in the US market to monetize off of Se7en as much as possible in the Korean/Japanese market. Well, as soon as we released the news, fans were outraged and YG Entertainment had no choice but to quickly make a PR move to save face, stating that "YG Entertainment has no plans for Se7en to release any albums in Korean or Japan and that Se7en would be returning to the US shortly."

Then how is it that 1 month later, after the heat from the fans have died down, that YG Entertainment releases a statement totally contradicting their PR "save face" move last month? YG Entertainment recently stated, "Se7en will be releasing a new album this year and will be promoting in Korea and Japan at the same time." In addition, YG Ent stated, "We are not killing Se7en's US plans, instead we are taking our time to bring Se7en back to the US later."

If YG Entertainment's statements on bringing Se7en back to the US are true, then our work looking out for Se7en is done. However, don't be surprised if Se7en never returns stateside, as YG Ent had initially planned to keep him back in Asia from the very beginning. Which should not be surprising in this day and age, where artists are being held against their will and treated unfairly. Stay tuned as we prepare to release the dirty secrets behind this entire ordeal.

Tags: se7en, yg entertainment

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