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OMO! Dispatch plagiarised Omona IPSUREUL exclusive!


The something that is most noticeable out of the idol groups on the stage is the face. What is the part of the face that is most noticeable. It is the ‘lips’. When watching them sing, the eyes naturally tend to look at the lips that are over the microphone.

So we have prepared. It is ‘STARCAST QUIZ’ presented by ‘STARCAST’. The topic is to ‘Guess the name of boy and girl idol groups just by looking at their lips’. The targets are limited to idol groups who are included in STARCAST. We chose a total of top 20 handsome lips •pretty lips in each of the groups.

The method of solving the quiz is simple.
☞ First, look at the picture that has the faces covered.
☞ Next, read the hint in an order.
☞ Make a guess on which group the member is from.
☞ Lastly, enjoy the charming point lips. It is not going to be that difficult for the real fans, right?

It is divided to levels 1~5. If guessing all 5 levels correctly, than you are a real ‘idol fan’.

☞ Level 1 (★☆☆☆☆)

182908215_2 (1)

Left : Usually have a habit of sticking the mouths out. The oldest in the team but is also chosen as the cutest member. She mesmerized the male fans with a short height and a young look.

Right : It is the top thick lips out of all girl groups. She is a member that has many different charms. She is cute at times, and sexy at another time. The end of the lips that is slightly pointing upward is the charming point.

[answers]Answers: 'GIRLS’ GENERATION' Taeyeon, Sunny

"Tight and round lips" (GIRLS’ GENERATION Taeyeon)

"Did you apply the nude lips?" (GIRLS’ GENERATION Sunny)

☞ Level 2 (★★☆☆☆)


Left : The image that comes into the mind first is ‘sexy’. However, she has the pure charm that has a twist that cannot be compared with anyone else. She usually applies red-colored lipsticks often.

Right : She is the member of an idol group who is highly interested in fashion. She shows off her fashion sense at various events. Lip make-up is also different every time. She expresses every color possible with small lips.

[answers]Answers: '4minute' Hyun-a, Huh Ga-yoon

"Sexy bible" (Hyun-a)

"The lips of a fashionable person" (4minute Ga-yoon)

☞ Level 3 (★★★☆☆)


Left : She is a member of an idol group whom her loud laugh is charming. It is kind of lips that match well with perfect-looking eyes, nose, mouth and ears. Her lips that looks like as if it always contains smiles are charming.

Right : She got lots of uncle fans with a charming voice, and cute looks. She usually often uses red, orange-colored lipsticks. She is getting all of the interests from the beauty bloggers at once.

[answers]Answers: 'miss A' Suzy, IU

"Introduction to the lips" (miss A Suzy)

"I call out the uncle fans~" (IU)

☞ Level 4 (★★★★☆)


Left : Big eyes, nose and mouth on a small face. Especially, her thick and big lips are charming. Because of that, she was also chosen as the model for a famous brand.

Right : It is a standard example of pretty lips. The upper lip line is clear and the thickness overall is good. The end of the lips that points slightly upward when the mouth is closed is the point.

[answers]Answer: 'f(x)' Victoria, 'KARA' Goo Ha-ra
"The vibe of a cosmetics model" (f(x) Victoria)

"Want your lips" (KARA Ha-ra)

☞ Level 5 (★★★★★)


Left : She is usually a member of the idol group who is usually lively and has off-the-wall charm. She also has the best youngest-looking face in the song field. She says that she wants thicker lips. However, is it not pretty just the way it is now?

Right : She has a baby face. She has shining lips. The lipstick of any color matches well as her skin is white and pure.

[answers]Answers : '2NE1' Dara, 'SISTAR' Dasom
"The pureness lives" (2NE1 Dara)

"Love rides the lips" (SISTAR Dasom)

This it for the girl group lips quiz. Now, how many did you guys guess right? Are you guys saying it was not that easy because lips were covered by the color of the lipstick?
We start off with a relatively easy level for boy groups. We will take a look starting from level 1.

☞ Level 1 (★☆☆☆☆)


Left : He has the habit of gathering his lips together when taking pictures. He recently pulled off “Your eyes, nose, your mouth…” part in the song that is recently released. He caught the minds of women with the dance move of putting the hand on the lips.

Right : His existence is amazing with just the lips alone. He shows off unrivaled thickness of the lips out of all boys idol groups. It is so thick that ‘A kid with thick lips’ show up as a related search keyword on NAVER. Can you guys assume who it is?

[answers]Answers: 'B1A4' BARO, 'TEEN TOP' Niel

"This is me, BARO" (B1A4 BARO)

"My lips, Rocking" (TEEN TOP Niel)

☞ Level 2 (★★☆☆☆)


Left : He is someone with handsome lips and a lively personality. But he is way too lively. There is an uncomfortable truth that his lips move all day even when simply trying to take a look at it. His thick lips are so charming.

Right : Do you guys remember the lips that endlessly moved during the archery game in ‘Idol Star Olympics’? His sides as an eating god is shown the way it is from his chubby lips. The best in the field of idol groups’ eating broadcast, can you guys get a sense of who it is?

[answers]Answers: 'INFINITE' Dong-woo, 'MBLAQ' Seungho

"Restless beagle lips" (INFINITE Dong-woo)

“Ambitious lips’” (MBLAQ Seungho)

☞Level 3 (★★★☆☆)


Left : He is someone that has a twist in the charm. To pink lips, he has a solid six pack. The weather broadcast among idol groups who gives information about the weather through Tweeter. Who could he be?

Right : This member also cannot be left out when talking about the lips. To a white face, he has the red lips. He shows off the looks that look like it just came out from the comic book.

[answers]Answers: 'BEAST' Gi-Gwang, 'TVXQ!' MAX

"My lips are not a beast" (BEAST Gi-Gwang)

"Dangerous, your lips" (TVXQ! MAX)

☞ Level 4 (★★★★☆)


Left : Have you guys ever seen the lips like this? All he did was to make it come together a little bit, but the shape of the heart(♡) forms. For that reason, the nickname that the fans have given him is also ‘heart ○○'.

Right : It is a natural-born '3' lips. It reminds of cat’s lips. This man has surprised the fans in the music video in the past with an unconventional lips piercing. Who could he be?

[answers]Answers: 'EXO' D.O., 'BIGBANG' G-Dragon
"So lovely~" ('EXO' D.O.)

"Not crooked when it comes to the lips" ('BIGBANG' GD)

☞ Level 5 (★★★★★)


Left : Just by looking~ It is charming lips. Thick, hydrated, added with a deep pink tone. It has all the conditions of the lips that call for a kiss. Is it not familiar yet? This is why it is the most difficult level.

Right : "Oh, where can we buy that strawberry milk colored lip balm?”, “Dear customer, it is natural lips” The experience as a cosmetics model for 3 years can be felt right here. The owner of this charming lips is….

[answers]Answers: 'GOT7' Mark, 'SHINee' Taemin
"The emerging powerful figure in the world of lips" (GOT7 Mark)

"Bling bling lips" ('SHINee' Taemin)

source: starcast

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