Viv(ienne) (rightclick5ave) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

B2M is spoiling us - NG cuts of ☆Spica's☆ YDLM MV!

[140212 Show Champion]

Sauces: spicaofficial | KPOP MusicHD

Check this out: Mwave Shop - Spica Online Meet & Greet (20 Feb)!
Had to read the info a few times but basically - one autographed CD = one tile on the 7x7 mosaic, Spica (or so they say) will pick 10 tiles per mosaic during the online fan meeting (open to everyone) to receive an autographed badge. Top supporters will get more signed stuff, check the page for more details! Anyone (from Singapore) kind enough to allow me to make an order on their behalf so I can get an extra chance? XD
Tags: keembo/spica
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