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Boyfriend will release their 4th Japanese single "My Avatar" on March 26th

Boyfriend will release their 4th Japanese single "My Avatar" on March 26th. The theme is "the near future".


Boyfriend's 4th single "My Avatar" will go on sale March 26th.

The word in the title "Avatar" has the meaning of "alter ego". To the people listening it could mean the part of you that is a lover, a sibling, a rival or your own self, and it's a song that depicts the love and discord of those different parts.

Until now, they showed a sweet image both in their music and visuals. For their 4th single, they will undergo a change of image with a cool, stylish dance number that has an air of the near future drifting about it.

They will challenge an acrobatic dance in their music video. Besides the normal music video, included in the first press limited edition A version will be a full dance focused recording of the high level dance.

Also contained in this single and going along with the "near future" theme are two contrasting visual images. In both outfits, the B logo on their chest represents cipher text from the future, and show that the 6 guys are people from the future. There is the wild and cool, black styled Boyfriend, and the white styled Boyfriend that has white hair extensions, colour contacts, face decals, and are slowly being invaded by iron. Boyfriend dressed stylishly as "future people" showing these varying expressions is a must see.

Release info
4th Japanese Single "My Avatar"
On sale March 26, 2014

Song list
1. My Avatar
2. pending
3. My Avatar (inst)
4. pending (inst)

First press limited edition A version (CD + DVD)
Price: 1,890 yen
Bonus DVD: "My Avatar" Music video + Dance Ver. + Making of


First press limited edition B version (CD + DVD)
Price: 1,890 yen
Bonus DVD: "Boyfriend's competitive spirit! - 3 contests"


Lawson and HMV limited edition version (2 CDs)
Price: 1,890 yen
Bonus CD: "Love community radio channel 'Our depiction of the future'"
It's a program where the members give solutions to listener's worries about the future.


Standard version (CD)
Price: 1,000 yen


Included in all versions:
High-touch event ticket (which member you get is random, takes place in Osaka and Tokyo)
Another cd jacket with a message from the members (get one randomly from a total of 6)
A serial number to buy related goods

Source: Kstyle
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