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KISS&CRY Backstage@Show Champion + Fanclub Name!


There is a vote being held in the official fancafe for Kiss&Cry's fanclub name! The options are:

1. 도미노이펙트 (Domino Effect)
- The meaning is that change causes change

2. 허니 (Honey)
- H for Haena, O for Bohye, N&E for Jieun (Dia's real name) & Y for Soyumi
The meaning is that fans will always be full of honey-like sweet affection for Kiss&Cry

3. 키세스 (Kisses)
- A word used to express their affection. An expression of love as much as a hug or a kiss

4. 팅커벨 (Tinker Bell)
- Like how Tinker Bell protected & helped Peter Pan, the fans will protect & help Kiss&Cry

5. 쿠키앤크림 (Cookie & Cream)
- When you eat sweet things, your mood gets better, when Kiss&Cry thinks of their fans they gain strength
Also, the feeling is similar between Kiss & Cry and Cookie & Cream
((Bonus! Soyumi thought of this name!))

The vote continues until the 20th if you want to vote too! You can use this tutorial to sign up for a Daum account. Kiss&Cry's fancafe is here. The poll is here. I don't know if you need to level up in order to vote in the poll, but if you do, there is an English level up form at Kiss&Cry's fancafe! It's in the left sidebar under Level Up. Just fill out the form, click the little lock button and then the button on the right saying 등록 when you're done. You should be approved in less than a week. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here in this post or by private message!

source: Official Fancafe

Yumi must have deleted the tweet where she called fans Cookie & Cream, because I can't find it... but it's a really cute name~ I hope it wins *^^*
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