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Sukira transcript 090807.

Sukira transcript 090807!

Leeteuk : yesterday after exercising, suddenly siwon said he wanted to go han-gang(river) at 2am.

Eunhyuk : at dawn?

Leeteuk : yes... so siwon went to there by his small motorcycle and i drove my car.

Eunhyuk : but that time, it was raining.....

Leeteuk : yeah...in the rain...siwon said ' hyung! i'm macho!' and he kept riding his motorcycle...
anyway, he arrived there before me, and he called me ' hyung where are you? why are you late?'
He thought i was already there and he started dancing in front of a car . he thought that car was mine...

Eunhyuk : OMG... that was same model as yours....

Leeteuk : yes... he kept saying 'hyung get out! get out!' and was dancing...
and he thought ' oh my dance is not enough...' and was dancing harder....

Eunhyuk : he didnt know who the person inside the car was because the window were tinted.

Leeteuk : yeah, and he said i didn't get out , so he knocked the window and said 'hyung why don't you get out!!'
and the window opened with a suprised lady!! she was really surprised " OMG!!!!!"
and he ran away~~~~

Eunhyuk : OMG, how embarrassing.... why was he doing that...kkk really funny
i always enjoy stories about our members. they are doing really funny things~~

tjdus@sjworld for translation
original korean source
Lol, i can imagine Siwon doing that, better with jazz music.
Tags: eeteuk, eunhyuk, radio, siwon

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