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Nam Sang Mi, Sure Magazine & ARENA (with write ups and trailers for her movies)


Actress Nam Sang Mi (25) , star of the new horror film “Faithless Hell”, models the “Tomboy” look for Sure Magazine.

The casual clothing and loosely tossled hair are a departure from the look sultry look she modeled in Arena magazine.

You can watch her in the movie trailer after the magazine photos. There’s also an interesting interview from Arirang TV (Eng subbed) which traces her career from pretty girl supporting role in the movie Spy Girl, to her first leading role in Sweet Spy and finally her award winning role in Time between Dog and Wolf opposite Lee Jun Ki.

Faithless Hell Trailer

Source: youtube

Press Con

Source: youtube


Actress Nam Sang M (25) appears in states of disrobing in Arena Magazine. She was last seen starring opposite Kim Rae Won in the drama Gourmet. If you’re curious about the drama, watch the MV below.

Official MV

Source: youtube

Source: Babel Look here and here

Her stuff looks interesting plus I think she's gorgeous. For more information about Faithless Hell, there was a previous post here.
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