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the continental gee

A music video from China that imitates SNSD's hit song 'Gee' is making many people laugh.

On the 7th, someone uploaded a music video on YouTube with the title "Lols china folk song dance contains Gee." Middle-aged female singers came out and sang a trot song, which you'd think you'd only see in Korea.

In this plain looking video, the funny points were the 6 female dancers. The dancers, who wore matching white dresses, danced SNSD's Gee dance along to the middle-aged singer's song.

The move where SNSD sings 'No No No No No~' and moves their shoulders, the move where they shake one hand up and down and push their hand to the front, the move where they gather both hands near their face and sway their legs to the right, can all be seen being danced to in the video.

After seeing the music video, the netizens thought that the dance moves were so similar, they began to call the song "Continental Gee" and had a good laugh about it. On the other hand, some said that "it's too much to put SNSD's dance in a trot song" and criticized it.

This song contains lyrics that emphasize how wonderful Chinese women are.

source article
source video
translated by kxjenn @ soshified

Ngl - I found this terribly entertaining. xD I don't typically listen to trot-ish Chinese music, so this was my first encounter. It amuses me about as much as Korean trot.

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