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Three Rookie Actors From “Man From the Stars” You Should Follow


Aside from outstanding male and female leads, SBS drama, “Man From The Stars” also features the likes of some very promising rookies! They are actors, Oh Sang Jin, Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee Yi Kyung.

Actor Oh Sang Jin made his debut as an actor in “Man From The Stars,” after serving as an announcer for some time. He played the role of the prosecutor who oversaw the case of Han Yura’s mysterious death. As a fresh face, viewers were surprised and delighted by his performance.

Actor Ahn Jae Hyun was picked as one of the hottest actors to emerge after “Man From The Stars.” He plays the role of Chun Song Yi’s younger brother named Chun Yoon Jae, cynical high school student who doesn’t hesitate to come to his sister’s defense. He later softens up and even shows a cuter side to his character, capturing the attention of viewers.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung plays the role of Lee Jae Kyung’s henchman and personal assistant. He carries out the dirty work at Lee Jae Kyung’s bidding. Even though his scenes were brief, the impact on the viewers was sizable! Since his debut in 2012, Lee Yi Kyung has broadened his spectrum for characters as an actor. For his next project he will be working with director Kim Ki Duk on the movie, “1 versus 1.”

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