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☆Spica☆ bless us with more live perfection, we are not worthy!!!

140301 Break Away @ MBC Music Travel Yesterday (Big Mama cover)

their harmonies are so beautiful.. I cried ;-; new favourite cover alongside Blue Rain..
[FACT] Spica is made up of five main vocals and five visuals

140228 You Don't Love Me @ Lee Sora's Music Plaza
[missing baby bbo]

140228 Tonight @ Lee Sora's Music Plaza

[and the members show their support by laughing at her]

(if the videos are blocked in your country, try ProxTube or download the videos here!)

140226 Narae - You Know I'm No Good @ Radio Sukira
[she's referring to her pronunciation]
here's a super cute compilation of Narae laughing to distract you from her pronunciation!!!! jk Park Narae is still perfect ♥♥♥

Sauces: Break Away | You Don't Love Me (gif) | Tonight (gifs) | You Know I'm No Good

they did hearts during the chair dance on today's Music Core goodbye stage ♥ they're going back into B2M's basement, I'll miss making these posts :((( there seem to be quite a lot of new Spica fans (or at least interested people) so I made a music masterlist of their MVs, collabs, covers, solos etc:! I'll be updating it whenever necessary. use it to bring others to the light!!! ٩(・ิᴗ・ิ)۶

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