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JYP Confirms First Member of Upcoming Girl Group

JYP Entertainment has taken the first step towards revealing their latest girl group.

A representative of JYP revealed to Sports Seoul on February 27, “We are preparing a six-member girl group. They will show the healthy charm of bright and strong teen girls. We ask you to anticipate a lot.”

According to the source, one of the members is Lena, who caught the attention of many with her smooth rap verses in Sunmi‘s “Full Moon.” Born in 1993, she is originally from the U.S., and has been a trainee for over two years. Thanks to her outstanding rap and dance skills, not to mention her beautiful looks, she is one of the leading members of the group.

Even though Lena is a Korean-American, the other members are not from multicultural backgrounds. They are in their teens, and will be entering the market of girl groups with their fresh charms, which stand out from the current trend of sexy concepts.

The name of the group is still kept in secret, but they can be expected to debut this spring. The album can be expected to include diverse tracks, not to forget one or two produced by the one and only Park Jin Young. As there have been no new traditional girl groups from JYP since Wonder Girls and miss A, many are expecting to see whether this one has what it takes to become JYP’s latest representative girl group.

Are you getting excited already?

Source: Sports Seoul via Soompi

Supposedly, the group's name is 6Mix
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