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Oh Ji Ho to the tie the knot in April!

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It has been reported that actor Oh Ji Ho will be getting married in April.

According to a rep of the actor’s agency, Heavenly Star Contents, “Oh Ji Ho will be marrying his girlfriend three years his junior on April 12 at the Silla Hotel.”

It was previously reported the couple met through mutual friends and has been dating for two years.

On behalf of Oh Ji Ho, his agency stated, “Rather than having a flashy wedding, the couple wishes to conduct the ceremony privately with their families, close relatives, and friends.”

Oh Ji Ho expressed through this agency, “I finally met someone I want to be with and love for the rest of my life. I promise to cherish her and embrace her in love. I ask for your encouragement and blessings for a happy marriage.”

Meanwhile, Oh Ji Ho is currently starring in the OCN drama, “Cheo Yong,” in addition to a new romantic comedy film, “A Rude Girl, A Rough Boy (working title).”

Congratulations to Oh Ji Ho on his engagement!

Congrats! :D

Source: soompi, (naver)
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