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CNBLUE Talks About Promoting at the Same Time as 2NE1, Girls’ Generation and Nell


While CNBLUE was waiting to go on “M!Countdown” on February 27, they had a brief interview with OSEN and spoke about a lot of things regarding their comeback including their thoughts on competing with 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation.

First, CNBLUE talked about what they would do if they won the #1 trophy for “Can’t Stop.” The band promised to release “Can’t Stop” in a different dialect or saturi version. They commented, “It’s already finished. We can release it anytime.”

CNBLUE commented, “While we were recording our album, we thought of recording a saturi version of the song. Even if we don’t win #1, we want to release it.”

CNBLUE also wants to do as many Korean promotions as they can. They said, “Since it is our first comeback in over a year, we are excited to promote in Korea. In April, we will throw a concert in Seoul and Busan. Our comeback show will be on March 2 so I hope a lot of people will come and have fun.”

“Can’t Stop” is also receiving love from overseas. CNBLUE remarked, “We thought it was so cool when we saw the Billboard article. This is just the beginning so we hope to receive even more love later.”

The band also touched on the subject of competing with some of the hottest girl groups right now such as 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation. CNBLUE commented, “We love both groups’ music. It’s fun to be promoting with them. First, we are a different genre from them since we are a band. So we really like listening to 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation’s music.”

CNBLUE also commented on promoting at the same time with another band, Nell. “It’s really an honor. We’ve been fans of Nell for such a long time that we were really excited for their new album. Their song is so good that we thought ‘Of course, it’s Nell.’ Recently, we also saw on the news that Nell complimented us and it was really a big honor. We hope to become good seniors just like them.”

Meanwhile, CNBLUE will be throwing their comeback show on March 2 through SBS.

Source : soompi

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