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Shin Dong Yup, Yoo Hee Yeol and Hong Suk Chun, the witty stars


Shin Dong Yup, Yoo Hee Yeol, Hong Suk Chun…

The sex-lib (sex+ad lib) masters are on full force in variety programs these days.

Shin Dong Yup rose as the representative of the blooming stars of this so-called 19+ talent golden era. His witty words aren’t a skill that he developed somehow recently. Even in variety programs of non-cable channels with high evaluation standards, he used moderate dirty jokes sometimes leaving his guests flustered, which helped him to develop a fanbase by word of mouth. Then, as he joined cable channels variety programs like tvN “SNL Korea”, jTBC “Witch Hunt” targeting an adult audience, Shin Dong Yup turned into the “19+ King”. It seems fair that he’d land these MC gigs since he built his own territory where he has no competition.

However, his strength is to not just be witty. He knows how to adapt his way of telling entertaining stories without being tasteless. When discussions can be almost too excessive, no one can handle them better than Shin Dong Yup can. As he hosted shows such as “Shin Dong Yup and Ranking Women” on QTV, “Welcome To Money World” on Channel A, “Brave Reporters” on E Channel, Incarnation on SBS, Splash on MBC, he displayed no preference either for one genre or for one channel and this is why he draws attention.

When done right, Yoo Hee Yeol can see Shin Dong Yup eye to eye with his talking skill and received a renewed attention. Doing radio shows early on, Yoo Hee Yeol became known as the emotional pervert and developed a strong fanbase which led him to be another sex-lib genius today.

Through radio shows such as “Yoo Hee Yeol’s FM Music City”, “Yoo Hee Yeol’s All That Music” on MBC FM4U, then “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Radio Paradise” on KBS 2FM, his way to be sweet yet tricky with his words was his evil charm to cast his spell on those listening to him late at night. Then, with “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”, Yoo Hee Yeol went on to a regular music show on KBS 2TV and secured his strong fanbase. His intense gaze when looking at his female guests earned him also the nickname ‘hawk eyes” which reinforced the specificity of Yoo Hee Yeol‘s personality.

Because of this, when Shin Dong Yup and Yoo Hee Yeol met through “SNL Korea” like the audience hoped for, netizens’ expectation went up. All they needed was a simple feeding bottle to create a successful skit that made the viewers die with laughter.

Yoo Hee Yeol‘s transformation was noticed because his charm is based on his sensitivity and his musicality. While showing an unprecedented change on “SNL Korea”, he appeared at the same time as a musician on “Infinite Challenge” special song festival and joined the jury of SBS “KPOP Star 3″.

It’s impossible to talk about sex-lib without mentioning Hong Suk Chun. Knowing how to handle the TV trends, he elevated himself by turning his own sexual orientation into a strength. This “gay humor” of Hong Suk Chun we can see on the small screen is no longer unfamiliar.

Kept away from TV sets because of his uncommon sexual identity, Hong Suk Chun is very busy these days showing the change in the audience’s perception. When he guest starred in SBS “Healing Camp”, he told with sincerity the stories he had never told and gained the sympathy of the public which led him to even be able to make people laugh with the wittiness he constantly shows in all kind of variety programs.

starts around 6:45. Shin Dong Yup teaches Hong Suk Chun how to play golf

While leaving a strong impression for the high-level skits he did with Shin Dong Yup in “SNL Korea”, he was a guest in programs like MBC “Radio Star” and SBS “Incarnation” and boosted up the audience ratings with his accurate sense of humor. Like in “Witch Hunt”, when Shin Dong Yup suggested him to gather good-looking gay people to make “Top Gay Korea”, Hong Suk Chun replied “I’ll make “Superstar Gay” (t/n: like Mnet Superstar K). The abbreviation would be “Sus Gay” (슈스게). I’ll make a broadcasting channel and call it Gay-B-S,” which is an answer showing a sense of wittiness that no one but Hong Suk Chun can express.

As he also displayed his amazing cooking skills in programs like SBS “Barefoot Friends”, MBC “CulTwo’s Veranda Show”, Hong Suk Chun is increasing his range of activities by using his own strong strengths and taking on various roles.

These three men seem to be representative of the rising trend of the freshness the viewers who are turning away from the variety programs dominated by the “Nation MCs” are now looking for. A character with a unique personality isn’t that what viewers are looking for first and foremost?

The trend is still at its early stage on cable and general TV channels, but the question is if the fire will spread to public TV. As they’re busy showing their styles that others don’t have, these three men are setting up a new flow to the variety world and their multiple activities of all sorts are much anticipated.

source: starnews, translated by onesunnylady, JTBCentertainment, pocari2956, oSNLKOREAo

i know this is old but worth a read!
hong suk chun is freaking awesome, i like how he's appearing on more and more shows these days, his apperance in wgm global was gold
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