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140302 KPOPSTAR 3: 1st live round

kpopstar season 3
Only five contestants performed this week. The rest of the top ten will perform next week.

Kwon Jinah
[Performing Primary's See Through]

The Shorties
[Performing Brown Eyed Soul's Brown City]

[Performing Cigarette Shop Girl (?)]

Sam Kim
[Performing G-Dragon's That XX]

Bernard Park
[Performing Kim Tae Woo's I Want to Say]I couldn't find a official video of his performance on youtube, so here is the studio version. You can still watch his live performance on

Studio versions:
[Kwon Jinah]
[The Shorties]
[Sam Kim]
[Bernard Park]

Sources: SBSNOW, KPOPSTAR, Jen Chau

Who are you rooting for Omona? I'm in love with Kwon Jinah's live performance and The Shorties studio version of Brown City.
Edit: Links are fixed.
Tags: jyp, yg entertainment, yoo hee yeol

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