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AOA’s Seolhyun Beats Competition 500:1 to Join Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won in Film “Gangnam Blues”


Following last week’s reports that AOA member Seolhyun auditioned for “Gangnam Blues,” it has been confirmed today that the idol-actor will definitely be joining the film.

Seolhyun was one among many other idols and young actors to audition for the movie, with the competition rate of 500:1. She will play the role of Sun Hye, the figurative younger sister of the lead male in the movie. Sun Hye is like a younger sister to the hero, Jong Dae, who grew up as an orphan. Sun Hye is family to Jong Dae, who struggles to protect her until the very end. Actor Lee Min Ho has already been cast as Jong Dae, who is described a tragic hero.

Gangnam Blues” is a noir set in the 197os, right at the start of the real estate boom and development of the Gangnam area, and covers the story of conflict between the government and other darker organizations in their struggle to gain control and influence. Directed by Yoo Ha, it is expected to hit theaters late this year. It is currently in the final round of casting and will begin filming soon.

Seolhyun has a lot of non-group related activity, could she get her own tag? please...

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