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100%'s fancafe updates, I have a waterfall down my face

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Sanghoon]
You’re curious about my news aren’t you?
I think many are shocked by my news…
I hope that everyone will support me since this is a decision made after I’ve thought about this for a long time.
Although I’m not together with 100% physically, they are always in my heart so please support, love and pray for 100% and me!!
And Minwoo-hyung!! I’ll buy (fried) chicken and visit you~

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Minwoo]
Hello. I’m Minwoo.
I have a lot of regrets and a lot to say
But I don’t know how and where to start
I want to create more memories with Perfections before I enlist
I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to do that…
And I’m really sorry to our dongsaengs (younger members) for suddenly leaving the group (to enlist)
But this is not the end yet so please wait for us…
I promise to come back safely and bravely for everyone
All members of 100% including Sanghoon have given their best in everything they do
I’ll go and come back bravely carrying all those precious moments that I’m thankful for with me
Don’t worry and wait for me ^^
Um…I really have a lot to say…
I really want to and prefer to say please take care of me in the future more than saying thank you for all these time..!!
So please take care of me. I love you.

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Hyukjin]
Hello. I’m Hyukjin.
All 7 members are gathered on the eve of Minwoo-hyung’s enlistment.
And we’ll send him off tomorrow too.
I’m worried if our ditzy and childlike Minwoo-hyung will be able to lead the army lifestyle after enlisting.
Of course Minwoo-hyung is always welcomed wherever he goes but somehow I’m worried.
I believe that you’ll be able to lead a good life in the army, hyung. I’ll send letters to you and if I can visit you during the holidays, I’ll go.
Don’t fall sick, don’t get hurt and come back in good health. I love you hyung.
Enter the army without complaining and handsomely just like our mature hyung. Go! Go!
You’ve made a good decision after spending a lot of time thinking about it so don’t say sorry, be healthy and get some rest
I’m sorry that I couldn’t say thank you more enough…
Although I don’t want to listen to your nagging but thanks to your nagging, my lifestyle habits have improved a lot
I’ll work hard not to live a messy lifestyle during the holidays
I’ll call you when I want to listen to your nagging
Truthfully, I didn’t know that you’ll be an important person in my life when we first met but you are now to me
Let’s do our best as individual members of 100! Fighting! I love you!

[Fancafe Update: Changbum]
Our Minwoo-hyung who will become Korean’s most hot-blooded soldier!!
I’ll send letters to you often so don’t fall sick, be healthy, be careful and come back safely!!
Let me know if you’re being harassed. I’ll scold them!!
And our maknae (youngest member) Sanghoon-ie!!
It’s a decision you made after thinking about it for so long
We always believe and support you!!
Our “father figure” Minwoo-hyung and our “mother figure” Sanghoon-ie
I’ll always believe in both you, Minwoo-hyung and although the youngest but reliable Sanghoon-ie who look after me
Don’t forget that I and we (the rest of the members) will always support you no matter where you are
Since we’ve done our best and did what we could, believe in us and keep an eye on us!!

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Chanyong]
I’m sure many Perfections are shocked by Sanghoon’s sudden news.
Sanghoon has been thinking about it for a long time before making that decision so I hope that everyone will be able to support Sanghoon in the future.
And Minwoo-hyung will be enlisting tomorrow.
I hope that many fans will support and encourage him not to get hurt and come back safely.
Although 100% will be lacking leader Minwoo-hyung and maknae (youngest member) Sanghoon, we’ll work hard to fill up their spaces in our future activities.
I hope that everyone will understand and support us so that we can be together in our hearts although we’re far apart from each other.

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Jonghwan]
Our reliable leader Minwoo-hyung.
I hope that you’ll be able to come back from the army handsomely and with dignity.
The best youthful looking and flawless complexion Minwoo-hyung, don’t get hurt and come back safely! Fighting!
And our maknae (youngest member) who doesn’t look like the youngest, I think I’ll miss your mother-like nagging…
And to our Perfections who are shocked and having a hard time now
It’s a decision that Sanghoon made after thinking about it for a long time so please give him strength by supporting him!

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Rokhyun]
Although I’m tired and having a hard time preparing for the new album
I’m still standing strong thanks to the support given by Minwoo-hyung, Sanghoon-ie and Perfections
100% members, including me who have done their best till now!
Please keep an eye on us and please support us!

source: 100% fancafe, trans by shiroirukaze

"Let me know if you’re being harassed. I’ll scold them!!" ;~;

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