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Shindong Receives Military Enlistment Notice and Requests for an Extension

On March 3, it was reported that Super Junior‘s Shindong will be enlisting in the army.

Reports said that Shindong recently received his draft letter, which gave an enlistment date of March 31.

However, SM Entertainment revealed that Shindong filed a request for an extension until June. SM spoke with OSEN and said, “He did receive an enlistment date of March 31 but he would like to participate more in the upcoming Super Junior concerts and broadcast activities, which is why he asked for an extension.”

If Shindong’s request does not go through, he will have to enlist on the expected date of March 31.

Shindong has reportedly notified his radio show “Shim Shim Ta Pa” staff members of his enlistment notice. However, they have not decided on Shindong’s successor as the DJ since they are still waiting for Shindong’s request to go through.

But sources recently commented, “It is highly likely that Shindong will have to go on March 31. We will need to prepare soon.”

Besides “Shim Shim Ta Pa,” Shindong’s other broadcast activities include MC-ing for “Beatles Code 3D” and the “Idol Dance Competition” that will air in April.

A few years ago in 2008, Shindong commented that he would shave his head during “Shim Shim Ta Pa” before he goes to the army and when he gets discharged, he promised not to go home but to come straight to the “Shim Shim Ta Pa” studio.

Shindong will be the fifth Super Junior member to enlist in the army after Kangin, Kim Hee Chul, Leeteuk and Yesung. It was also reported that Sungmin is preparing for enlistment as well.

Source: soompi
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