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Soooo...MR. MR's 'MR. MR' turns out to be a diss track directed at SNSD

See if you can follow me, here.

K-pop boy band MR.MR debuted in 2012.

Last week, South Korean superstar group Girls' Generation released their hit single, "Mr.Mr." off of the EP of the same name.

The music video has already received 5 million views.

On Monday, a representative for MR.MR confirmed that the group's new single, also entitled "Mr.Mr" is a diss track directed at the members of Girls' Generation for using their band name as a song title.

Released on Feb. 28, the same day as Girls' Generation's "Mr.Mr." was released, it was the online K-pop community that first discovered the true message of "Mr.Mr" by MR.MR.

You still with me?

In an interview Monday with the publication Asia Economy, the MR.MR rep confirmed that online speculation about the song's true meaning was accurate.

"The portion of netizens pointing out that MR.MR's 'Mr.Mr' was dissing Girls' Generation, who made a comeback with a song of the same name, is correct," the rep said.

"Isn't it a violation of ethics in the music industry to openly use an existing group's name for content in a song? We deliberately put in that topic and the lyrical disses [of Girls' Generation]."

According to a translation of the MR.MR song "Mr.Mr" provided by the website allkpop, the lyrics seem to accuse Girls' Generation of using their fame to usurp the band's name.

"How could you do that when I'm right here?" one line states.

"Am I a loser and are you a winner?" asks another line from the song. "We're going along the same path. I must have looked small from your high perch. Is that why you did that to me?"

MR.MR were in the headlines last month, after 22-year-old K-pop singer Hon departed the group after a transgendered friend allegedly lashed out at him on the social networking site Facebook.

The eyebrow-raising post reportedly ranged from allegations that the singer both owed her money for a cell phone, to heartbroken bitterness, claiming he cheated on her with "many lovers."

Hon was a member of MR.MR for six months.

Source: kpopstarz

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