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2014minute continues! mini-album recordings finished!

4minute has finished all recordings for their next mini album! The comeback will take
place between the end of March and mid-April!

1. [+166, -23] "What's Your Name" was really addictive... but this group has Hyuna getting all of the attention, totally like miss A

2. [+127, -8] Oooh ㅋ hoping for a song like 'Muzik'

3. [+141, -28] Usually when ai member like Hyuna does well, the other members naturally get attention but maybe because Hyuna's too amazing that she makes the others look charmless... They still don't have any presence other than Hyuna..

4. [+98, -18] Do well!!!!... but I guess A Pink's comeback is being delayed...;;;

5. [+25, -5] Hot Issue, Huh, Volume Up, Mirror Mirror, What's Your Name... they're all in April.

6. [+24, -6] Nice timing~ Come to think of it, 4minute's always had good songs ㅋㅋ

source: 4minute's forum twitter, naver, netizenbuzz
Tags: 4minute, comebacks, cube entertainment, netizens

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