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Kim Soo Hyun - Esquire Interview (+ more pictures)


The New Power - Kim Soohyun is here!

Kim Soohyun, after experiencing modern and Joseon era, and even traveled to alien world, currently he is the actor with the highest on-demand who has the most value in the 20th century.

The movies and dramas that he is in, they have all achieved very high viewership ratings and outstanding results. Even other actors and netizens are very curious about this man, who has a lot of charisma in him.

The reason why has made him the cover page for the month of March, it is to let everyone learn more about Kim Soohyun, and the hot topic of alien Do Min Joon

As confusing as it can be. The wind that brings about relentless rain. Today’s weather is very unpredictable.

The drama ‘You Came From The Stars’ hot topic - alien, Manager Do. ah no, it’s Kim Soohyun, After trying countless times, we finally able to meet him after his photoshoots.

Kim Soohyun, having only slept 4 hours and then went on with the filming for ‘You Came From The Stars’ for 37 hours including overtime hours, and then going to ’s March Issue Cover Story Interview right after.

After completing with the filming at 10AM and a quick shower, he reached the office at 12PM.

While we’re still imagining the way Do Min Joon first met with Cheon Song Yi, the ‘cold guy’ image, the whole office’s atmosphere suddenly stiffened even before he arrives.

"Good to see you guys. I’m sorry i’m late." He bowed his head and walked into the office. It’s just slightly over 5 minutes.

Actually, we won’t even complain if the actor is late for one hour, because everyone knows that the filming duration of a korean drama, it can be described as a schedule that is strenuous and tiring.

Kim Soohyun: “If only i’m really Do Min Joon. So that I can reach here from the filming location in just less than 5 minutes. (laughs)”

If we’re to say that he doesn’t appear to be tired at all, its all lies.

It will also be lies if we’re to say that during the filming, the atmosphere would become less tense and lively in a short while. But he is indeed very focused on the filming, he will always get surrounded by many people, laughing together.

Sometimes when he yawns, he will cover his mouth. Whenever his eyes gets dry, he would blink for three-four times, it’s almost like doing this he will not feel tired anymore.

The filming schedules which is very pressing for time and deadlines, to him, its not something that he’s not used to it anymore. Since debut, he never gets a long vacation, and it’s not only his movies that are selling big.

But, this time, this drama ‘You Came From The Stars’, in the script, his character is hard to act out, not only does he needs to think, he also needs to use his bodily movements to act it out. Through this, his acting skills and areas that he can learn from has increased.

As a alien who has lived on earth for 400 years, his makeup is even more complex and complicated as compared to the other actors and actresses. He also needs to have an accent which sounds like he knows the script very well too.

Although there’s only the script which he can just follow it since the start, but there’s still the opening and ending of each of the episodes, and he has to keep inter-changing between the modern and the rural times during the filming as well.

Kim Soohyun: “there are days where I have to travel to Daegu to film Joseon era’s rural times, and then travel to Kyungnam to film. In just a day. And each time i also have to change into different outfits as well.”

The script’s intonation that he has to have is also different, and of course, the grammar will also change too. I do have times where I feel like giving up. But, I didn’t because there won’t be another chance where he can film a drama which has the 400years timeframe in it. Now, i’m into the character of ‘Do Min Joon, it is what I can only concentrate on.”

Kim Soohyun do hope that there will be lesser activities for him, if he can sleep a few more hours it would be even better, because he isn’t a greedy person.

He said, he will choose, and also to honor his own choices. In the vast -like ocean of the Korea’s Hallyu Acting industry world, he will stick to his own set of values, being honest and familiar with everyone. Even though it won’t be easy for him.

If Kim Soohyun is hoping to capture the hearts of the viewers which is very easily changed or diverted, he would have to go forward a step. Especially in the Korea acting industry where it is changing rapidly, in just a night’s sleep, a new star could be born the next day.

Before the idols can even gain viewers’ interest, they can fall immediately if the viewers are not interested. If Kim Soohyun did not have outstanding acting skills or having hopes of becoming popular, he will have to sacrifice a large amount of things and also input a lot of time too.

Although he debuted in a Valentines’ Day comedy show, the drama of his that has left the most impact in viewers were «’Is It Going To Snow For Christmas?’». When the episode came out, his name started appearing in internet’s searches. Of course, he also appeared in a mini drama as a male lead, but he also shocked everyone with his appearance as the young character of the male lead in «Giant».

His previous works were recognized for their potential and outstanding idol’s qualities. He has a lot of improvisations and learns and improves himself even more in every drama he is in.

Kim Soohyun: “I don’t feel uncomfortable with acting out a young role, it’s the works of seasoned sunbae actors, i feel that i will need to act it well so that i can learn even more. It’s a truly great experience.”

After that, like staircases, Kim Soohyun releases works which are very good and outstanding. «Dream High», he acted as a countryside teenager who plays with feelings. «The Moon that Embraces the Sun» has miraculously let Kim Soohyun became a brand. Although it’s a story about a love story between a girl and two guys, because Kim Soohyun has totally immersed into the role, «The Moon that Embraces the Sun» has totally became a man’s love story.

His each and every laughter and tears has tightly captured the female viewers’ hearts like a devil’s acting skills.

The drama «The Moon that Embraces the Sun» has also been recognized as “Nation’s TV show”, “Hwon” and “Kim Soo Hyun” are always being mixed together, it can be said that Kim Soohyun has became 2012’s most hottest icon.

Kim Soohyun: “I have to slightly stop my thoughts in mid-way, letting my emotions flood into my head and act it out. Then after that, it is as thought I forgets how to return back to the original me, like, if I bring a burdened heart to act, I won’t be able to improvise well. When the cameras are filming, every breath that i take is filled with feelings, I don’t have any thoughts of being greedy for my role.

When I’m choosing the movie «Secretly Greatly» there wasn’t any security guaranteed. Although it’s not totally the same as the manga’s fighting style, but it has shown a great deal of fighting skills and actions that left people amazed.

Acting as a country’s idiot with a runny nose wearing a jumper’s suit, when the talented North Korea’s spy switched from that image into a highly intense soldier, it was simply wonderful.

Kim Soohyun: “The first movie that Kim Soohyun is a male lead”, the description and intense excitement has brought a lot of stress and the amount of expectations that is upon me. “The Thieves” success did not become a burden because the seasoned actors were all taking care of me well. The descriptions about me from everyone is a bit luxurious for me. Although I can’t say that I did not put in my full efforts, but I also can’t say it’s all due to my efforts. But «Secretly Greatly», as to “Kim Soo Hyun” this actor, in certain aspects I have put in all my efforts into it. Wanting to break this image people have in me during ‘Secretly Greatly’ and to improve even better, it’s also very difficult for me.”

In short, «Secretly Greatly» is a work that will cause people to laugh a lot. Everytime when the screen shows a closeup of his face, it would sound as though its dubbed, the sound of his laughter. This movie has gotten young female viewers’ support with no reservations.

After that, even the news which airs everyday 9PM, also praised that he is able to showcase a very charismatic character. 20th century’s idol actors mostly are full with potential and quality, with strong grounds in the foundations, they are groomed to strive towards an idol’s path.

Because the huge support from fans can even push an actor’s acting level. But Kim Soo Hyun is relying on acting skills which goes beyond the ‘common sense’ scope, to create a idol effect under “special” circumstances.

It can be said that there will be greater expectations of him after today, or also it can be said that there won’t be any other trending actors like him, because his acting skills isn’t something that is easily achieved and it’s also very stable.

Kim Soo Hyun: “When people sees my choice of works, they might feel that i’m a weird person. I’m not someone who walks the easy path in acting, rather i’m someone who walks the narrow, steep paths. I only wish to walk the path that i want to walk towards. Even if I don’t have money or reputation, because I am still young. I might not be that famous in the future anymore. As compared to shows that is more suited to my age, I want to act in shows that only Kim Soo Hyun is able to do.”

During the whole interview, Kim Soohyun’s eyes were getting redder. It was really difficult to remain awake when he’s at his limit of fatigue. Even so, he never once bend down to look at his watch at all throughout the whole interview.

Even when the manager who knocked on the door when it’s the suitable time to end the interview, Kim Soohyun did not hear the knock at all. This was how he choose his choices.

When Kim Soohyun has decided and promised what he will do, he will do it until perfection before he has the will to let it go.

Kim Soohyun is still at the age where he can’t stop, even if he’s facing challenges and difficulties, he’s at the age where he will bravely challenge all of them.

At 27 years old, Kim Soo Hyun in his youth, is a very honest and solid man.


Source: 金秀贤吧, asianstarsru
Eng trans: kim-soohyunnie 1, 2, 3, 4
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